Stick'em Up

by Main Line 10

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All songs by: Main Line 10 & lyrics by: Danieer & Crut, except 'Estabilidad' by: Crut & Carlos Javaloyas.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Mega at Psychosomatic Studios (Inca, Palma de Mallorca) in
December 2011 & January 2012.

Produced by: Main Line 10 & Mega.

Digital Artworks by: Alex Catala Coll.


released April 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Main Line 10 Palma, Spain

Main Line 10 is a melodic hardcore band from Palma de Mallorca (Spain) formed in 2005.

Main Line 10 are:

Crut - Vocals / Guitar (2006 - Present)
Toni - Bass / Vocals (2015 - Present)
Barto - Vocals / Guitar (2009 - Present)
Danieer - Drums (2005 - Present)
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Track Name: We're Gonna Break
Smashing things all around
i just wanted things to say
cause the truth is between us
we all seem blind

but i'm making my mind on mind
about your reactions
i've been learning another lesson
and i'm ready to say this:

We're gonna break!

a big stream of anger
is running trough my veins
why can't we do anything
to stop this fucking madness?

while i'm playing you stab me
every time i'm not looking back
and it's good i'm not angry
i'm exposing the truth
Track Name: Your Face, My Fist
This dagger comeback full of rage
in front of you!

this time i wanna see you in the hell!

I wanna see you in the fucking hell!

You will be my favourite distraction

Your Face,My Fist!
Track Name: Fragments Of Life (Feat Joyas, Bleed The Man)
Now i feel that my life is burning
but i'll never give it up
all that it was and will ever be
I'm wasting all my time

together will beat it up
we've been living a lie
time is passing and running out
there's no way to cope for these wasted years
we've been lost all the time we lost all our time

take breath,wake up and run
i escape from my fears
as i keep,as i keep falling further down
i'll be the same again

we are here now!
We'll keep fighting 'till the end!
The fear makes us stronger!
Track Name: March 9th
From my heart i'll give it all away
this time i cannot scape
I'll be there

From my heart i'll give it all away
this time i cannot scape
i've got a reason to believe

you live in that place where all news focused now
tears falling down i cannot stand this

The Fucking eartquakes breaking thousand souls
people who will have nowhere to go

it's time to draw new lines
with a future full of pictures of your life
it's time to draw new lines
with a future to enjoy together

without warning broken homes around
many people buried underground

i wanna break walls and begin a new life
forget everything to start again

don't look back
this time i see the light
Track Name: Wings For A Day
Somebody took my life away,
our couple broke for ever
it's my pleasure to know that
i'll be in the earth with you for a day
just for today

Because this time i'll enjoy my life
i gotta tell you how i miss you every night
I Try to find my way

I wanna wake up like the first time
I wanna wake up like the first day
Is the reason why,that i'm looking for a chance..
My dream is:Always be with you all night
My dream is:Always be with you tonight

Sometimes i think that many things could change
I've been preparing this moment for years
I needed some form to escape,and now i've got it
That's what I call luck,I feel alive
My dream is:be close to you tonight
Track Name: Accidents
When I felt i was alone
getting no distraction
wasting all my time and life

Staring in front of you
Feeling like a different soul
Throwing all your memories
words no one will hear again

Distance doesn't always mean that much
I'm standing up

Finally it's not yours
Your words vanish like desires

I don't need you,go fuck yourself
I can do it alone
The pain makes me stronger
I don't need you at all
I'm much better
Now i understand
The pain makes me stronger

This is what i want to forget
I've got everything

Your words vanish like desires
They're going to nowhere
For never coming back

And now you have no chance
Track Name: Having Fun With You
8.Having Fun With You

We don't need,we don't want
any control in our lives
we don't want to be spied

see me walking down the street
i try to find my way
no matter what they say

Waiting for something to show
any feeling to destroy
I'm waiting for
If there's something you wanna tell me
just do it now

Recalling the summer four years ago
i'm waiting for this summer
we want to have fun
i'll try to live happier

We don't have a common ground
a reason to distrust
you say you're sorry now
do you want to start again?
It's a bit too late for that
everything you promise me were lies

Having fun!
Track Name: OMFG!
it's sunday morning and the sun is shining
birds singing outside,but my head wants to die again
I can't remember what i did last night
confused and drunk i feel I just wanna fly away.

I try to remember all
you tried
and never forget last night
you better not
i'm ready and i'm not so scared
I'm not sure
it's that true

Well i'm not saying this is the end
are you telling me the girl i met was not a girl?
i can't believe the words you are spitting
i want to wake up from this fucking nightmare
Track Name: Stay Away From Me
We came from the same place
with the same dreams
leave all bad things behind
cause it's time to start a new life
Grab what's yours
the footsteps left behind us
our sacrifices and effort

we don't need you anymore

Let's go move on
We don't need anything else

Two minutes to go
and i'm still waiting here
your word is a lie
just a fucking lie

Let's go move on
We don't need anything else
and shut your fucking mouth!

Believe me or leave me
the choice is yours
you choose this right now
you choose it now
Track Name: Reminder (feat Loana-Theverlong)
I'll give up tonight
if you leave away
i carry your pictures in my pocket
every place i go,you come with me

I'll be waiting
Cause i remember you tonight

Thousand miles away
footprints i left back
empty pages of a diary
all i want is to keep alive the flame

the burning flame inside me
is killing me slowly
Track Name: Long Road
13.The Long Road

There's no conversation
there's only obsession
i'm sure you will find another way
in a better place

you'll never feel the way i'm feeling
you'll never make the way i pretend
close your eyes and shut your mind

Cause There's no conversation
there's just only obsession
we can't pretend to be what we're not

every step that we left behind
a thin hope and a broken dream

it's better keep friends close
enemies will be off
the passion never stops
grow up and don't look back
the time is running out
the mission of our lives
i wanna carry this to another step