Today Is Tomorrow

by Main Line 10

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released December 20, 2009

All songs by: Main Line 10 & lyrics by: Crut & Danieer except 'Despertar' by. Carlos Javaloyas.
Recorded, mixed & mastered in Playart Studios (Madrid) by; Andy Duffill in April 2009, vocals recorded in Palma de Mallorca summer 2009.

Produced by: Main Line 10.

Digital Artworks by: Miki Company



all rights reserved


Main Line 10 Palma, Spain

Main Line 10 is a melodic hardcore band from Palma de Mallorca (Spain) formed in 2005.

Main Line 10 are:

Crut - Vocals / Guitar (2006 - Present)
Toni - Bass / Vocals (2015 - Present)
Barto - Vocals / Guitar (2009 - Present)
Danieer - Drums (2005 - Present)
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Track Name: Government, Inc.
I try to believe another voice

Just now!when everything's lost
tell me your good intentions
to save this show

Right now!!when the revolution's started,
there's nothing you can do to save this world

and sometimes when I ask myself
(ask myself)
what's the reason for being fine?
the meaning you will find,it's in your mind
close your eyes & say good bye
Government, is not for me


We're here, we’re back again
We want to fight against your fucking lies
we don't trust you
Nothing's gonna change!

Let’s put our fists up!
And protest to incite peace in this crazy world
into our world!
Track Name: Union
sometimes it's better have faith in unity
to part all the curtains
to show the white glove do these things,
come with us it’s the better way to forget the fake
bring me your smile, this is my site
you’ll never feel bad or sad

and I doubt
you can see the better side of me
you can't see inside of me
I try to take control all the time

i'll never play in your game again
i've got many things to pass the time,
time to spend with my three friends

i feel the wind on me the sunshine
bright on the sand i can smell summer-time

nothing's gonna change my mind
nothing's gonna change myself
no matter what they say of me
Track Name: True Friends (Feat Steven Rawless-Belvedere/This Is A Standoff)
I am sitting in my room
i've seen many things
like the light of the sun

back-stabbers that I see
make me laugh &
make it clear to me

when I feel down and so lost
the real friends stay around.
it's fuckin’ sad
I can count my friends on the
fingers of one hand

Don't try to break my dreams!

I didn't start again all the things are ruined
I feel that things are not as they seem

i don't understand it
i can't explain that
it's time to call them out

If I break
my silence
I’ll break myself!

i don't understand it
i can't explain that
it's time to call them out

& Don't try to break my dreams!
Track Name: Don't Let It Go
Don't let it go & keep it free
don't let ambitions fly away & run into nowhere

I create mountains in dreams
in my thoughts the skies are green
the fucking wakefulness shut my head again
i keep the distance from the beast
i'll never sell my dreams I'm not cheap

and my roots will hold to the good way

it's time to awake and walk away and never be alone again
is not easy to restart the same way

you know we get it the hope the shine in every step we made in the past full of pride
you know we get it maybe the future is there get ready for the battle now
don't let ambitions fly away

you know we get it

Don’t let it go!
Track Name: Despertar
Tras vencer el miedo
empece a sonreir
algo esta creciendo
dentro de mi.

Despertar, hacia un nuevo sueño
no hay lugar sin dueño
Tu realidad no es por ser sincero
es por vivir fingiendo

Tras vencer el miedo
empece a sonreir
algo esta creciendo
dentro de mi.

Imaginar un mundo sin paredes
no hay metas imposibles
Y al despertar un camino que concibe
toda la verdad que existe

Sin tratar de hacerlo
pude al fin observar
un camino oscuro
que hay que cruzar
Track Name: Time For Changes
It's time to fight against the routine!
wake up now!
now let's start to scream:

Hey Man, wake up, now is the time
(time to wake up)
Don't look back & doubt the rules you know
(Yes I’m trying)
Never forget the reasons that make you walk
(I won't do it)
scream out the anthem from our lungs
Scream out!

let’s all sing along to this song
(to this song)
It doesn't matter what they say!
I can't really escape from this nightmare
(this nightmare)

Now is the time
to change it all
the time runs fast!
Track Name: Gabi's Van
Let's go!
we're ready to:fight,to drink,to laugh
until we lose control!
let's go!
we're ready to burn the wheels & streets to remember that day!

Another night drunk with my friends
in an empty home
I want tacos with extra chilly sauce
tequila,beers & rum are going down!

we can drive two thousand miles going nowhere fast
just like satanic surfers that remind me those nice days
be careful,you dropped the beer on my pants
don't worry,it's okay!

I've got the perfect deal tonight,i'm so sure!
throwing bottles through the van's windows
this is the Gabi's van & we'll never stop
Track Name: Fight For Them
The evidence is clear
but ingnorance is bigger
the blindness of our town
try to cut your own skin
you can taste the flavour of pain

your time is over
let's stop it just right now
because we'll really never understand
let them have their lives
I only see the pain that their sad eyes tell me

your time is over
abandon this madness
we’ll never agree on your 'traditions'

your time is over
trust in me
we'll never quite agree!

stop the murder!
i don't understand!
i wish you would feel this awful pain

Track Name: Liners Diary
We’re like kids chewing gum in our mouths
Full of silence and happiness
It’s not time to lose control
and think about some shit
It’s time to scream loud everyday
I try it
Every moment i’m feeling so strange
But i’ll never give up!

Never mind the sadness
Focused on the happiness
Double faces invade the sight and mouths
Tell me what you think?
(what you think?)
What the hell is going here?
It’s better to be joined than alone,again

That crazy monkey inside of me
Sometimes he tell me secrets
About the choices that i should make
To fade away!

Shots & beers burn my throat
And makes me feel the rythm of the fuckin’ night
In 3 hours my mind will say to me:
-It’s time to sleep

It’s time to scream loud everyday
I try it
Tomorrow i’ll be okay
To start again